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Accelerated Therapeutics

“Accelerated Therapeutics” is a term we have long used to describe a known safe drug that can be repurposed to treat a new indication, and can be expected to provide a superior therapeutic benefit, based on known biochemical pathways and mechanisms of action. Repurposing "Accelerates" the timeline on which a new therapeutic option can be made available to patients.

Value Proposition:

The value proposition to patients is a superior treatment option at a fraction of the cost of expensive proprietary drug regimens.

The value proposition to an investor is a low cost, low risk, short time to market opportunity, in contrast to the high risk, long time to market alternative of new drug development.

Three Repurposing Opportunities:

1) HER1 (EGFR) Receptor Modulated Cancer Protocols (U.S.: $ 5 Billion Available Market)

What would you pay for chemotherapy that kills cancer but without hair loss, nausea, vomiting, and chronic fatigue? US Patent 7,507,704 does this for cancers driven by HER1 (EGFR) overexpression.

• Cancer Opportunity - Science and Market Information (PDF)

2) Calcium Ion (Ca++) Homeostasis for Epilepsy/ Seizures (U.S.: $ 3 Billion Available Market)

Our US Patent 8,197,858 prevents the etiology underlying Epilepsy / Seizures from occurring, rather than trying to treat the resulting symptoms.

• Neurology Opportunity - Science and Market Information (PDF)

3) Targeted Transient Ribosomal Inhibition (TTRI) and the Viral Pulmonary Pandemic Stopper Opportunity

How would you like to have the "Viral Pulmonary Pandemic Stopper." By inhalation, the TTRI compound localizes in the respiratory tract, providing full spectrum antiviral activity and anti-inflammatory activity. The reason it can do this is because it does not target the virus, but targets host ribosomes, which all viruses require for their replication and spread. With this therapeutic option, viral pandemics and viral biological warfare threats would be a thing of the past, and that is just one use of the platform technology.

• TTRI Opportunity - Viral Pulmonary Pandemic Stopper (PDF)

Clinical Development Advantage:

Repurposing can typically be started in a Phase II human proof of efficacy setting, as the drugs already have established human safety data. This allows for a short time to market, at low risk and low cost, in stark contrast to the very expensive, high risk, and extremely long time to market required for new drug development.

Our Methodology:

Step 1: Our process starts with a Mechanism of Action (MOA) intensive approach of mapping out the molecular pathways underlying the etiology and pathology (pathogenesis) of a disease condition. Repurposing candidates are then identified on mechanistic ability to inhibit either the earliest pathways of the etiology or to inhibit the largest number of pathways in the pathogenesis.

Step 2: Related human clinical data is then reviewed for consistency with the novel pathogenesis and for support for the MOA selected to inhibit the pathogenesis. Academia published studies are avoided when possible because of their high unreliability rate (e.g. Amgen found 47 of the 53 landmark oncology studies published by academia were not reproducible).

Step 3: The final step is evaluating if the proposed treatment can be expected to provide a therapeutically superior treatment option relative to the current best standard of care.

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